Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Rafsanjani calls strong parties requirement of democracy

Rafsanjani-Dem ocracy-Univers /POL/ - Irna: "Rafsanjani calls strong parties requirement of democracy
Tehran, April 24 IRNA -- Expediency Council (EC) chairman, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said here late Sunday that strong political parties are factors required for democracy. Meeting separately with 30 Islamic-political student groups of Islamic Azad University and a number of university administrators, he added political student groups are of great importance in the absence of strong parties.

"People in any post can express their idea within the frameworks of law and no one can prevent them from doing so," he said, stressing the role of research and study in promoting the quality of universities.

Referring to women participation in political and social arenas especially in scientific and research sectors after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the senior official noted that Iranian women had changed the negative attitude of public opinion regarding women in society.

He added Iranian women had demonstrated their success in real competitions showing they were not inferior to men in terms of science and knowledge.

Rafsanjani pointed to the development of women under the Islamic Revolution and said the future belonged to competent people.

Analyzing current situation of the region and threats against the Islamic Republic and other countries in the Middle East, he said neither America nor any other power can resist the unification of informed nations.

Asked about his candidacy in the 9th presidential election, Rafsanjani answered "we had expected groups, parties and figures to reach consensus taking into consideration national interests and expediencies of the system.

He further thanked those who have nominated themselves for presidential election based on the sense of responsibility, adding If current situation continue, I will become a candidate for president as a national and Islamic duty."