Sunday, June 26, 2005

Rafsanjani reacts furiously

Rafsanjani reacts furiously: "Rafsanjani reacts furiously
25/06/2005 18:37 - (SA)

Tehran - Defeated Iranian presidential candidate Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani reacted furiously on Saturday to his shock election loss, pointing the finger at a hardline institution and a vast "illegal" operation aimed at turning voters against him.

In his first public reaction to his surprise defeat to hardline Tehran mayor Mahmood Ahmadinejad, the moderate cleric alleged "all the means of the regime were used in an organised and illegal way to intervene in the election".

"I do not intend to file a complaint to jurists who have shown that they cannot or do not want to do anything. This I will leave to God," he was quoted as saying.

It was a clear reference to the Guardians Council, a hardline-controlled political and electoral watchdog.

"I entered this election uniquely to serve the revolution, Islam, Iran and the people," said the 70-year-old cleric, a regime veteran and former two-term president who is now facing an uncertain political future.

"Those who weakened a competitor chose to weaken the revolution," Rafsanjani said, also condemning "those who spent hundreds of billions of rials of the people's money to defame me and my family".

"I hope the country will be cleared of these enemies and profiteers who are without logic or faith," the statement said.

Rafsanjani nevertheless said that "everyone must help" president-elect Ahmadinejad."


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